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Hello Stan,

I think it is a cool thing of B&O to make the various generations of BeoLink networks  co-operate! I am not sure about the Spotify question (I don’t use that) but for the other questions:

2. yes, once passed onto ML, the NL audio sources can be listened to on all the ML devices, for the BL3500 you best use a (Beo4) remote control, though the button on the 3500 will work as a ‘join’ button or will activate the last chosen source. Still you will need a remote for volume control.

3. When the BS9000 is in the correct option, it will react to BeoRemote One (when it is used in IR mode if it is a BlueTooth BT model). You will be able to select NL sources that are passed through by the BLC

4. you can

5. there is indeed a specific mentioning in the manual, saying “The Source Center role can only be used if no BeoMaster 5 is installed on Master Link as Audio Master or Source Center (AudioMaster = No).” but as you have no ML TV in the ML network, I think there is no problem at all with using BM5/BS5

6. that means you can set the BLC as V Master

B&O is not updating software anymore afaik. I will see to send you a pdf copy of the BLC manual (I think it is not available on the manuals section of BeoWorld). Have a look into that, it might seem complicated but I trust that with a bit of help here you can join the products and enjoy them even more!

Regards, Johan

EDIT – I just saw Carolpa answering too! He has helped me to get my two BLCs working (thanks again!) and is very knowledgeable. Indeed I have bought two BLCs to overcome some command conflicts. I use one to purely pass CD onto NL (and avoid I have two devices reacting to PHONO = N.RADIO commands)

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