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(1) To put a finer point on it, the Emerge is believed to be unavailable worldwide because some of the chips it uses are the same as could be put into more expensive products like the Level or the Balance.  Even in Denmark, the black one cannot be ordered from the website, only the more expensive wood one — and even that availability is quoted as November!  (2) Allegedly Canada imported its stock thru the USA, but even if not anymore, they still suffer the same availability (and pricing) issues.  Emerge isn’t visible on the USA version of, so that means Arvato Supply Chain Solutions isn’t shipping any to North America.  If it were, I expect the more-expensive one (which will be the only one available, remember) to cost about CDN$ 1100!  How is this possible?!?!  Convert Euro/ average price to USD, no discount despite no VAT, plus add an additional 10%.  Convert that to CDN, plus add another 5%.  Q.E.D.  (3) Bummer about Toronto, really you can’t ask “the buyer” at Holt Renfrew, even if you could figure out who that was.

As to your potential Copenhagen airport buy, labelling is required by EU law: Just turn any unit over and look at the bottom, for something saying “INPUT ~ 100-240V.”  But you don’t even need to ask a kiosk attendant: Despite claiming 60watt+30watt+30watt amplification, the Emerge power specs list a USB-C cable!  This means a wall wart power supply, probably a 45-watt USB-PD (USB “Power Distribution” type) unit like comes with the Level.  Its ~100-240 etching is almost invisible, but has international, slide-on, power prongs.  Despite B&O intentionally not supplying multiple plugs, you’ll just add a simple adapter to the one they give you, no voltage converter needed.  (Something like the “Kriëger” travel plug, US$ 6.)  Even if I’m wrong and they ship some single-country wall wart, you can buy a USB-PD supply matching the same specs for the higher negotiated voltages.  Just magnify the etchings & you’ll see.  Good luck and let us all know how it works out!