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Can I push Spotify to the ML side? This would be my main use-case. I sort of recall Spotify not being distributable, but also sort of remember there being a loophole that allowed this for the BLC. If not, what about Deezer?

I have little experience with Spotify (maybe somebody else can elaborate, I do expert it will work though: Deezer should work)

Once the audio is pushed to ML, is it available to all ML devices? I have a BL3500 connected to ML and I’d like the NL audio to go there. I realize I’ll probably need to use a Beo4 to control the BL3500. This is my 2nd more important use case.

Once a source is available to the Audio Master on the ML-side it should be available to the others also,

Is it correct that I can control the BS9000 to some degree with a Beoremote 1? Like turning it on to play NL sources (like Spotify)?

You can control the BS9000 completely with a BR1

I don’t care so much about sending ML audio to NL, but it would be nice to have.

This could become tricky. The ML side does need “sources” but the command CD can only be given to one source. The same for N.Music. If you for example program Deezer as N.Music source for the ML side, you can’t use it again. So Music from the BS5 should be reprogrammed….. but then you could end with conflicts with your BS9000.

I sort of recall there being special stuff required for the BS5… that having a BS5 in the ML network limited some of the capabilities of the BLC, but the details are hazy. Is there something to this, or am I mis-remembering?

I do not have knowledge about special requirements. But the special settings of the BS5 could be the spoiler in a system NL devices-BLC- BS9000 + BL3500 + BS5 (see previous remark). Note: you could add a second BLC to your NL setup. One for the BS5 one for the BS9000.

I do not have a ML TV. I realize this isn’t a question, but I recall this was a key point to the BLC configuration.

It should also work without a TV

BLC latest sw version:


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