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Hi again,

No need to make excuses… I’m genuinely curious! I’m currently in the process of turning two sick 42VFs into one healthy one – but I don’t have many pickups with the cantilever still attached (the end result will have the 20º tonearm – not the later 15º version, and the SP1-2 pickups are hard to find in good condition…) Given the way I’ll be using this turntable (mostly with my 78 RPM disks) a DIY pickup rebuild would not be crazy.

I’ll have a look around for the sapphires – maybe I’ll have to call in a favour from an audio geek friend in Paris to look around the next time he’s at FNAC if I can’t find my own around here in the fields of Jutland… 😀

Thanks for the inspiration! Nice work, in my opinion!




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