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Oh, God!

I was expecting all sort of reactions but absolutly not your curiosity Mr Martin!

To answer two quarters of it:

  • Not need to measure: Sapphires are at best spherical so, in my understanding, less good than any other shape. They’re also softer so prone to wear quickly and therefore, damage the record (still after my google wisdom understanding). I don’t even talk about parameters I don’t master like stifness of the cantilever or anything like that (you may not be aware of, but there is a 20 pages “technical sound guide” about beograms, I’m not sure I’ve shotcuted with a 10€ trick!).
  • The Chinese bulk sapphires are replacement parts for low cost record players that all use the same cheap needle. You find them on the bay, here in France “à la FNAC” and maybe in every similar tech store around the world. A little reading will teach anyone they share nothing with the lowest even not B&O tip.

And to answer the last bit:

  • I’m still happy because despite all the above it did still work “not outrageously bad”.
    It shows this is possible and be done better with better skills or care or money. For instance by replacing the cheap sapphire with a diamond or using a better strand or whatever else. Maybe just with more steady hands and a better magnification device.

One midway solution would be to be able to use that sapphire or any other tip if it could be glued strong but unglued easily.

In any case, I know this will be like a slap in the face of any well serviced Beogram, but experiments need to start somewhere!