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Hi Tim

The problem should not relate to the EEprom or the CMOS battery, in my opinion, so better leave it as it is.

When the Beomaster comes on with a “CODE” in the display, the FM stations and soundsettings are not stored anymore the battery has to be renewed.

No sound on one channel on both speaker outlets is quiet uncommon, often the speaker relais fails. But the outlet “2” is connected directly to the poweramp section.

The Headphone is connected to the poweramp section too.

If you have a powerlink connected speaker you could check if these are running on both channels.

Switch speakers to INPUT L and INPUT R

If there is sound on both speakers (R&L) you have a problem behind the tonecontrol and preamp section in direction of the power amp section.

If one speaker fails on the powerlink outputs too there is a error in the preamp section.

Check this first and let us know what goes and what not.


The panels can be cleaned with this stuff:

I’ve made good experience and the old glue comes off in one go, please use only a creditcard or a spade of plastic, never use scraping metall spades or knifes, you will destroy the black coating.

After use clean with a household windowcleaner, no acetone or thinner your coating will be lost ;-))


For reglueing I use this double sided tape which is a little bit foamy but very sticky:


Be careful if it sticks to the glass it’s hard to get it of again, so look twice which plastic frame belongs to it’s place and align the gaps of the middle part.

I would never use 2 K Epoxy because you won’t get of the plastic frames from the glass even the glas is broken.



I’m not familar with the offers I linked here and get no money for comercial !


Kind regards




The Glas