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Although I have only lived with the Lab 28’s for a couple of days, I have absolutely no regrets about their purchase. I researched carefully and listened to the speakers in two B&O stores before the final decision to buy them. The 28’s replaced the 20’s which have been placed elsewhere in the house where 9’s used to be. It has always been difficult for me to answer the question, “How do the newer speakers compare to the older ones”?, but I will try. – The 9’s remain one of my favorites which were my first three way B&O loudspeakers. The 20’s always seemed to have a more “crisp” sound to me with a less “boomie” sound on the bass side, but the 9’s still seem to deliver a more rich and full sound.  I guess the best way for me to describe the new 28’s is that they seem to represent a more realistic and natural sound than both the 9’s and 2o’s. Unlike the 20’s, 9’s, 12-2’s and 8000’s that I have, I find absolutely no reason to adjust the bass or treble on the 28’s.

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