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HI there,
Thanks for your reply. Sorry my post got a bit confusing, because I posted a question but then I managed find the answer shortly after. The rubber I mentioned was referring to the rubber surround for the woofer, which i’ve figured out and am eagerly waiting for the part to arrive! Will definitely familiarize with the available videos.
Noted on the faulty laser, will look that up, thanks!
Hi mojofml,

Looks like I can source the rubber and replace it without too much difficulty!

The rubber, “belt” if thats what you meaning as nothing to do with the symptoms you describe. If the CD load/unload but dont spin it’s more likely a faulty laser eye. Plenty of information about this on the old forum (search for “laser faulty” or similar since it something relvant for many beosound systems from ouverture to 9000).

I’m guessing the rubber had dried up or something and it started to fall off. Is this self-repairable, or what can I do for this? hoping for some good news, thanks!

Another common issue with beolabs 6000, the rubber surround falling appart. It’s a common repair for whoever has those speakers. Can be by yourself but depending on your skills, it can range from easy to nightmare. I consider myself as a handy and caring person but replacing surrounds on 6000’s woofer was not a sweet experience. Nevertheless, plenty of tutorials around, quite cheap repair and all in all, easy. Good luck.