Reply To: Beosound Century – Radio issue

Keith Saunders
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Well, the tuner has preset adjustments which may have been changed causing the problem.

Also we are not 100% sure of the model type because of the damaged label, but we could find out for certain by putting the unit into test mode.

To put the unit into “Test Mode” do the following:-

  • Unplug the unit form the mains outlet wait 2 minutes
  • Plug unit into mains outlet and within 30 seconds press DOT 2650
  • The display will show 8888 when unit is in Test Mode

NOTE: DOT above means standby button

When in Test Mode press 08 to display tuner variant

  • 0 in display means tuner error
  • 1 in display means EU but not UK
  • 2 in display means UK
  • 3 in display means USA
  • 4 in display means Japan

You will need to get a copy of the service manual if you want to check the tuner adjustments as its not that simple.