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Because I caught the Beovirus many, many years ago (okay, decades ago) I have a pretty large collection of Beogram turntables.  I can’t bear to part with any of them as they all perform satisfactorily for me.

As was mentioned earlier, the cartridge and stylus are a big (biggest) factor in the resulting sound.  The platter stability and tonearm do play important parts of course but you have to begin with a good cartridge to start comparing the various turntables with.

Like Jacques (chartz), I prefer the tangential Beogram models.  My first one was a Beogram 4002 back in the 70’s.  I purchased a Beogram 8002 in the 80’s.  Since then I have been lucky to acquire Beogram 4000, various types of 4002, 4004, 8000 and 9500 tangential models (all restored).  I have two restored radial Beogram turntables.  A Beogram 3000 (Thorens + B&O) and a Beogram 5000.

My favorites to listen to are the Beogram 8002 and Beogram 4002.  Specifically the ones I purchased in the 70’s and 80’s.  I still have them and they perform like new, having had a bit of restoration work.

My favorite B&O cartridges are the MMC 20CL and the MMC-2.

I am just as happy listening to the other models however and what I think that means is Bang & Olufsen designed and built really good turntables that hold up over time if taken care of.

It’s too bad B&O didn’t retain their cartridge/stylus business and were still producing them today.


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