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One of my Beosound 1 (2nd gen, non-GVA) is the fussiest touch-button in the house!  I had suspected that sleep mode (even on AC), was powering down the “keyboard” until the motion sensor (which can be very-low-power) picked up something.  This may be all in my mind, but one thing isn’t: It always takes at least 2 tries to start it up.  And it’s fussy about a “full finger” press the second time, not too long, not too short, must be centered.  Mine is flaky enough that I can’t tell for sure if it’s pressure-sensitive or just needs enough moist flesh to trigger a capacitance detection.  It’s hokey — and maybe yours just needs to be returned under warranty — but lick your finger, turn around three times, click your heels together, and try again.  Once mine is running, the swipe functions work fine… but getting that first LED lit and the “boop” play sound takes multiple tries.