Reply To: Beovision 10-32 ‘Boot-Up’ time over masterlink


    Whilst temporarily living in a rental property, the only piece of B&O equipment that I am currently using is my Beovision 10-32 in the living room. It is fitted with the DVB-HD (T2C) module, and the boot-up time (from pressing ‘TV’ to a picture appearing) is just over 30 seconds. Whilst I can live with this delay for TV (there is little that I am in a rush to see!), I also use the TV for radio. I currently do this via the Freeview radio channels – eg channel 704 for BBC Radio 4. Of course these take just as long to ‘boot-up’ as TV programmes, which I find frustrating. My question is this: If I connected a B&O audiomaster (eg BS3000) to the BV10-32 by masterlink, making use of the TV’s speakers, would pressing ‘RADIO’ on the remote result in an instant response – i.e radio audio without the ‘boot up’ delay? Or does the TV still need to go through the 30-second ‘boot-up’ process to play masterlinked audio?

    Boot up time on my BV10-32 for RADIO (from BS9000 over ML – BS9000 A.OPT 0 in mainroom and BV10-32 in V.OPT 6 in linkroom) is 7 seconds.

    Boot up time BV10-32 for direct TV (with an old PUC connected HD Dreambox, Sat receiver) is 17 seconds.

    Boot up time on my BV7-40 with built in Beo HD Satreceiver is 38 sec. – with Dreambox on the same BV 17 sec.

    Hope this helps