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Short answer to a long post: write to Steve@SoundsHeavenly and ask how to connect your Denon to the Pentas.

Longer answer: Sounds Heavenly web site is down ATM, so I can’t confirm, but I’m 99% sure that he offers a solution that attenuates speaker-level, so you can connect to Denon speaker outputs to …PL, iirc.  That will be your cost-effective option.

If you want to upgrade the AVR, there are a zillion options.  Just ensure that it has line-out jacks for all 5.1 channels (or 7.1 or whatever), and that it supports surround sound through those jacks.

If you decide to dedicate the Pentas to a stereo setup in another room, and want to use a B&O source that isn’t your Beocenter 2500, then again you have choices.  You’ll need RIAA amplification for the Beogram, either built in to the Beomaster, or outboard.  The Beomaster 1600 is the time-period match for your turntable….but it lacks PL output.

If you want low profile Beomaster with PL,  look into the pizza-boxes:  Beomaster 5500, 6500, 7000.  These are more period-relevant to your Pentas, and have RIAA amplification built-in.