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    • Hi Martin, I’m pleased to say that I’ve now completed changing the bearings on both decks and they are running smoothly at the right speed. They are however both still making a (lower) level of ambient noise which sounds like the motor running and the idler wheel against the drive cone. I’m attaching two short recordings of the sound from close by and then at 1m distance to demonstrate the attenuation. I’d appreciate you experienced opinion here as I can’t now judge how much drive noise there was before the 2000 deck hit problems. I can only compare with my recent Pro-Ject deck which is near enough silent. Given these B&O decks are nearly 50 years old, do you think I should expect to hear some ambient drive noise or is there a likely cause I can address? I have changed bearings, belts, idler wheels and lifter pads so not sure what more I can do! Many thanks, Richard