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    I remember seeing a page with PUC tables years ago (when the BV11 couldn’t find them). I can’t find that page which would give the possibility to update via USB.

    haven’t heard of that before. On the older TV’s without internet connectivity you could only get PUC codes by having a B&O technitian lading them into the TV.  And on the connected TV’s you get a list when setup of a new source.

    If B&O stopped hosting, the software, who has it (besides potentially B&O support who did not give it to me when I initially said I had a problem updating)?

    If they ever did host it for manuel updates (which I am not sure) it would be whoever downloaded it. I am not aware of any source who should be hosting B&O updates oficial or unofficial.


    Looking at your starting post again I have a follow up question. When you do the network setup on the TV (wireless or by cable?) Can you see that the TV get an IP adress and DNS server IP adresses?