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    And you could possibly add the BV8 instead of the BL1611.  Just use a suitable lead to connect the WIIM Pro to one of the BV’s SCART inputs, setup the input accordingly in the BV8 menu and the ML system should distribute the audio as a video source. With the correct TV option setting, when accessed from the BL3500 or BS4 it should just turn on with a muted screen when distributing the SCART audio over ML. EDIT:  I just checked the BV8 manual – you may be able to use the BV8’s AV3 composite input for the WIIM Pro (just the L&R audio phono socket inputs) in which case you would not need an adaptor.  I can’t be 100% sure that this input is distributed over ML, but I see not reason why not.

    You were right – it worked!  The AV3 input on my BV8 is already in use but I did happen to have an RCA to Scart adapter, so I have connected it, set that input as V-Mem, and added both AV and LINK-AV to the LIST button commands on my Beo4.  If I hit AV then V.TAPE, I get my WIIM Pro playing through the BL6000s connected to my Beosound 4.  If however I hit LINK-AV then V.TAPE, I get the WIIM Pro playing through the BL3500.  The BV8 standby light un-dims (I guess that’s it’s way of telling me it’s doing something), but the screen remains off.  If I then hit the red button on the Beo4, the BL3500 switches off, and the BV8 standby light goes dim, indicating it is back in ‘proper’ standby.

    This is an excellent solution – I don’t need to us the 1611 or 1614, and it means the A.AUX input of the Beosound 4 is now exclusively available to connect my Beogram.  I would not listen to vinyl through the BL3500, so it’s no big deal that I  there is no L-A.AUX button available via the Beo4 LIST button (without buying a newer Beo4, anyway).

    It’s amazing what can be done with ML.  This is brilliant, thank you.