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    For clarity, management did not use the term double down, thats just my linguistic turn of phrase.

    But outside of updating investors of the full year realised numbers, their big point in the presentation was raising new equity capital specifically in order to speed up the transition from where they were (lets say 3+ years ago) to where they want to get to.

    A big part of this transition is transforming their consumer facing retail network – s0 alot of multi-brand points of sale have gone, the target global cities identified, flagships will be opened in many, underperforming (non-Tier 1) franchises will be removed so they remaining ones are top notch, all of which is directed at ensuring high levels of service.

    What does it mean for customers? Well just more of what we’ve seen in recent years, they’re just speeding up the above transformation.   They did mention that they’ll continue to lean into luxury pricing, which has already been part of the strategic transformation, and will be continually assessing (ensuring?) that products are at luxury levels.

    My point about patience was more one for investors – whom the update was directed at after all.  The network transformation is  not cheap, does have some near term earnings implications, but they see it paying off (earnings growing again) down the road. Investing for the future, hence patience.   ** Jam tomorrow is a bit of an English saying, generally used as a sceptical take on when someone is always promising better days ahead.