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    Hey BeoWorlders,

    The final 3D model of the upright table stand for the BeoLab 4000 is now available for you to 3D print. I’ve tuned and tweaked my CAD model to create as accurate a copy as possible but with some notable changes to enable 3D printing.

    Special thanks to Dick Andersson “Beomaster” for truly enabling this project by supplying me with an original stand to put my calipers and radius gauges on to make sure the model is as accurate as possible. Thank you!

    You can now download the STL file from my website here:

    I’m now printing units for those who have already reached out to me about getting some of these made. They will soon be in your hands! If you would like me to print them for you I would be happy to do so – please just reach out and let me know what you are looking for. I’m US based but can help ship them internationally too.



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