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    The Beolab 3500 will probably not support the A.AUX command. according to this thread this is first supported from SW ver. 3.33 in the BL3500

    My BL3500 is at SW2.0 and supports A.AUX (whereas my BL2000 at SW1.1 doesn’t). I think Keith’s post in that linked thread is a bit confusing – there were a few other anomalies spotted when we were testing BL3500 with BL1611.

    I just did a test with my Beocenter 2 and 2 Beolab 3500’s with SW 2.0 and 3.1 respectivly, and I was able to active A.AUX on both BL3500’s and make them activate the source on the BC2. So that confirms indeed that it should be working.