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    Many thanks, Millemisen, I stand corrected.

    It should be noted that since the music identification/ripped files autotagging is no longer online, the rip completes to 98% only, and then a long while passes.

    Not sure if the Auto-play functions CD RANDOM and CD REPEAT are worth much at this point, or ever were.

    By the way, the reason my CD was not plugged in is that I was missing the short power cable.  I was in Europe a few weeks ago and ordered it at a B&O dealer who ordered it from Denmark and had it ready for me in a few days for €20, post-paid (honor system).

    Compare to when I ordered another B&O part earlier this year here in the US from about 1,000 kms away, and it took many weeks, the shipping was almost as much as the item, the “service” grudging, and of course payment was required before the order could even be placed.