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    My search for an MCL2P is over now anyway – no point, as the MCL2AV that I bought has stopped working.  I’d not had it long so the eBay seller has agreed to take it back and refund it.  I’ll wire my old MCL2A back up for now.

    Given that the MCL2AV has gone, and given that I have an ML distributor box with sockets going spare, I think I’ll give up on the MCL plan and go for a Beolink Passive 1657 with an IR Eye.  If my BC8500 ever goes the same way as the MCL2AV I’d likely replace it with something later such as a BS3000 or BS4, so having the Beolink Passive to drive my lovely little Boevox CX50s at the back of the room would be an advantage.