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    Ah that is interesting.  I already have 2 of those older rectangular IR receivers which came with MCL2A and MCL2AV.  Of course they have bare wires rather than a DIN connection that the 1657 requires, but it’d be easy enough to fit one and I think I can see how I would wire it up on other thread you posted a link to!

    I wouldn’t mind a round IR eye with eh volume control, but the eBay sellers are asking a lot for them.  I could use one of my old ones and live without the volume controls for now, until a round IR eye came up at a good price.

    Mind you, if I do this properly I won’t need the MCL2A or 2AV, and could sell both on eBay, which will go some way to paying for the new IR eye!  I’m not too short of funds but I do like a bargain.