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Luuk Knoops
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    It was a lot of work but it is fixed. I had bought the 25mm/2mm belt but in my case it was not working. The belt was to tight sow the glass panel wouldn’t work at all. After that I had ordered a case with belts from Aliexpress. First I tried a 28mm/2.4mm belt, that belt was also to tight. The glass panel wouldn’t move at al. At the third try I have used a 30mm/2.4mm belt. In that case the glaspanel of the system is fully working. Now the glaspanel works and also the lights on the disk player works good.

    For someone that’s interested in the link of the belts from Aliexpress here it is:

    Here the company of the site that claims that they have the right belts. They have send me 3 types but all with the wrong measurements. After that three tries I had bought the belt case on Aliexpress.,-beosound-4-deur-snaar-ronde-profiel-detail