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    Measuring IR wire when disconnected gives 0v at Essence, and 1.2V at sensor, the latter increases to approx 4V when IR transmitting.  It is behaving as if the Essence is expecting IR data on a different pin!

    Yes I think your IR eyes are fine but the Essence is not putting the IR voltage out.

    One thing i note when looking at the wirering diagrams for the IR eyes in the Beolink Handbook is that Essence and Core for that matter is not mentioned. I would expect the wirering to be as for the Beolink Converter NL/ML, but you never know.

    I will find something else to connect the ML sensor to – maybe BL Active or Passive, and see how the voltages change.

    Good idea to have the understanding of how it should work.


    BTW. could there be a software issue with the Essence, like feature removal in newer versions og first added after ceartain software revision? Pure guesswork from here