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    why not connecting your front- and rear speakers to the existing Powerlink sockets?

    You can connect your BL2/BL11 to the FRONT powerlink output and your front speakers to the BL2/BL11 PL outputs.

    Connect your rear Beolabs to the rear PL outputs.

    Dolby surround is an analogue 4 channel surround system using old Dolby Pro Logic technology.

    You have 3 front channels (L C R) – for the center channel the AV7000 got a powered mono output.

    The rear channel is a mono channel, that reproduces frequencies from 100(!) – 20000 Hz – there is no dedicated LFE(sub) channel.

    Connect your BL4500s to the rear channel as described – You will have 5 soundmodes:

    S1 – mono (center)

    S2 – stereo (LR front)

    S3 – Dolby 3 stereo ( LCR)

    S4 – 4 channel stereo (stereo front and rear)

    S5 – Dolby surround (only reproduced when the source material is Dolby encoded (printed on left and right tracks as Lt – Rt)

    For the connections you should use fully wired PL cables, at least with 5 pins connected (blue wire) to avoit hiss/hum in digital amps like ice power…

    For remote control it might be possible to change your Beoremote (BL7000/5000) from 2 way mode (in Audio mode) to 1 way mode.

    All tis is quite simple and I don`t know, why nobody will tell you (?)

    Hope this helps