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    However, what is their path forward if they don’t go upmarket. HiFi is dead. Long live the bluetooth/ stand alone speaker.

    This is a very interesting and I’m afraid accurate statement.

    For most people there is a “good enough” solution for music where the bluetooth and stand-alone speaker fits the need perfectly.  It doesn’t need to be a true stereo system because they are not sitting down listening to music.  How large is the market for a HiFi system?  For me growing up, going to audio stores and looking at the equipment was a lot of fun. Looking for improvements to your system was always a goal.  Music was that important to us.  Even in the upmarket realm, is B&O finding true audio lovers or are they just home decor enthusiasts who love the retro look of the Beosound 9000 and the Beogram 4000c?