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BeoCom 1401
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    Any comparison to Rolex or Hermes is absurd. If the leadership of B&O, on any level whatsoever, believes that their brand can be classified in this category of consumer products they should be removed by the board and shareholders for gross incompetence.

    Rolex and Hermes are Veblen goods. Veblen goods increase in desirability as price increases. This cannot and will not ever apply to B&O or any other electronics brand.

    Rolex and Hermes do not experience obsolescence. A Submariner works forever. A Birkin bag can last forever.

    Bang & Olufsen products do not. Electronics will always get better and people will move on to the next big thing.

    B&O needs new leadership or they will end up being acquired by some horrible conglomerate and die at the hands of someone like Samsung, who have well and truly destroyed Harman.

    We all love this brand. I hope the shareholders can wise up and demand change. Otherwise the company we all love will die.