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Thanks. Leaning more and more towards a used Horizon though now. You are right. Horizon even has a sound module and WISA. One question: Is it possible to set it to start always with Apple TV? If so, do the curtains still show and can I still use beolink and googlelink/chromecast? Also, have you tried to connect bluetooth controllers (gamepads) to the Horizon?


Sure you can start direct with AppleTV (or rather with a source that is connected to a HDMI input on the Horizon).
You just push the TV button and press List untill AppleTV is in the display of the remote and then ok with middle round button. Or much easier….you use one of the MyButtons for this (including the sound setting you might have made specifically for this source/the ATV).
The curtains – of course – still will open.

Yes, you can use Beolink (NetworkLink), if the Horizon (and your setup) is configured for this.

Not sure what you mean by ‘googlelink/chromecast’?

I have no experience with ‘gamepads’ – probably someone else has. Do you mean controlling the tv or the ATV (for gaming)?