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    Well you can put YT on subtitles and auto-translate. English is certainly available.

    Back to the content – which to be frank, I speed read, goes on a bit with the same cliched approach on BNO design, prices and so on and so forth.

    It does highlight though how BNOs aspirations are to attract VHNW Individuals (you know the ones where you see YT videos of $10-70million dollar palaces where the BNO products are hidden as well as BNO hide their cables in their marketing guff) and compare the brand to the timeless design, elegance of luxury products Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Rolex etc…

    I am guessing that my interpretation of what the Content maker is trying to project is similar to my own view point on the current BNOs marketing strategy to woo and capture the VHNW individuals. That is:-

    1. The cheaper on-the-go products (A1s. Headphones etc) don’t make so much money (a few may even lose money – hence the price increases) in a competitive market and for the budget conscious.
    2. There is no real stand-out “Burkin Bag” or Classic Rolex Submariner (includes a few Ferrari and Porsche models too) which sells-out so quickly, prices can be arbitrarily increased without protestation, supply and ownership to based on your previous buying history (buying loss-leaders),
    3. There is no real stand-out tech that sets BnOs technology way above the competition and therefore can be cited as the go-to products for high fidelity etc…..There can be no better example of this than the BL90 and the BS-Core/Essence. In 2016, the BL90s were perhaps one of the best loudspeakers in the world at the time. IIRC, you could add only the BS-Essence (PL only) or the BS-Core (optical/TOSLINK at best) or a Beovision. PL is utter trash for the 90s. Then it was either a choice of your own ripped FLACs or non-Hi-Res Deezer or Spotify. That stayed like that until a couple of months ago with the introduction of the BC-Core/USB connection to make it a half-interesting fight against the competition. Tidal I guess, is helping a little but try as it might, the BC-Core does not compete with the full-fat black-box streaming products available from 3-parties for years. So that’s 8-years of a flagship world-class loudspeaker that needs other companies products just to make it work properly.
    4. All BnO have done in the 8 years the BL90 has been available…….is add a few (expensive) colour-ways and increased the price. Come August 1st, perhaps early 2025, we could well see the BL90s at triple the introduction price (that would be £162k) and filled with the same 9-year old tech and negligible firmware updates to improve the sound to boot.
    5. As above. All these swanky gin-palaces with marble surfaces on every wall, ceiling, floor, fine Italian furniture, fine old and contemporary art, a level of ultra-high cabinetmakery in every room, kitchen, bathroom etc….and minimal BnO on display?

    I think that selling a “few” more of the flagship products “helps the margin” and adds to the “flat to slightly improving” finances better than the cheaper-end of the product range, but the VHNWI strategy I think is more about reducing losses in the mass-market than becoming a financial giant like LVs parent company LVMH?

    Whatever, the first thing BnO have to do is make much much better products to gain a higher level of global appreciation and desirability.