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    • Flensborg————Danmark
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    I’d say……if you get the Ouverture up and running again, stick to that – it still is a nice system.

    When/if time comes, you may ask (yourself) the same question again.

    The alternative devices, that you mention, might also need servicing. The BS9000 has gone up in price lately, you should also know.

    If you are happy with searching for the CD’s, that you want to listen to, just keep on doing so….no need for all the efford ripping these. I know, that it is hard work getting things right.

    Should you go for ripping – the whole or parts of the collection – you will need a server/a NAS with an appropriate SW for managing the files. You will need a player for playing these on you system and something to control the playback (usually a tablet/iPad/mobile phone). Please return for further advice, when/if that is what you’d rather aim for.