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    As for the HDMI sound, in my setup, even if the TV is playing an HDMI source, you cannot get the sound from that source to play via the AV command on the Beocenter at all.  It will play sound from the TV’s tuner, or from inputs connected via Scart or YPpPr, but not those connected via HDMI.  Probably not surprising given that these 1611 and 1614 converters predate HDMI.

    While I had my cables out, I thought I’d look further at this.  I added a BL1611 and BC2300 to the mix.  I put BV10 and BC2300 in V.OPT 1/A.OPT 1.  If the TV is playing the hdmi source I can still get it to play through the BC2300 by pressing AV SAT (actually AV DTV on my remote).

    So I reckon the lack of hmdi sound distribution over ML is probably a BV8 limitation rather than a BL1611 limitation.   BV8 pre-dates BV10 by a few years.

    (Sadly the BC2300 that I am using isn’t my earlier two-way version with a built in clock and timer, so I can’t check the BL3500 clock display.  Last time I had the clock working on my BL3500 I think it was connected to my Beoport by ML)