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    Thanks for testing.  I’ll stop worrying about the clock then!

    As for the HDMI sound, in my setup, even if the TV is playing an HDMI source, you cannot get the sound from that source to play via the AV command on the Beocenter at all.  It will play sound from the TV’s tuner, or from inputs connected via Scart or YPpPr, but not those connected via HDMI.  Probably not surprising given that these 1611 and 1614 converters predate HDMI.

    It’s no big deal for me though – the BL3500 was bought for audio only, and it’s the audio system I really care about.  I just wanted to test it all out of curiosity really to see what these things can all do.

    I only really bought the BV8 TV on a whim because it was cheap on eBay (local collection – £80!) and included a Beo4 remote.  It looks good, but I rarely switch it on except when I’m in the mood for a bit of retro gaming, so I don’t really mind too much if I can’t connect it all together.

    This has all been very educational though – thanks everyone for your help.