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    There does not appear to be any way to set the time on the BV8. It does display the correct time when you view the programme guide, so I assume it is simply getting the time from the digital terrestrial tuner. The only time settings I can find in the menus relate to time zone, daylight savings, and the play and sleep timers – no way to actually set the time manually.

    That’s annoying.  If I get time later I will connect my BL3500 to my BV10-32 and see if it displays the time.

    One strange thing though – it won’t play HDMI inputs via AV on the Beocenter.  Other inputs will play through the Beocenter (Scart, YPBr), but not the two HDMI inputs.  I’ve messed around with the very complex input settings on the BV8 for a couple of hours but I can’t find an option to make those HDMI inputs work via AV.

    Typically, Masterlink will not distribute HDMI sources – I am not sure of the logic behind this, and some people have managed to get it to work regardless.

    EDIT:  I found an earlier thread where I talk about distribution of hdmi sources with limited success.

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