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No worries Guy,

I wasn’t actually using it daily. It’s more I hate things that dont work when they have too.

It’s a MK1. Ive tried reset and register again. It’s still asking for the pincode, and 0000still doesn’t work.

As for your last suggestion: It’s not easy to do because the actual PSTN base was torn appart.
The pyramid hull has become a charging base for my moded Beocom 6000 bluetooth handset. The internal electronic is in a technical cabinet where it serves as emitter wired to  the phone socket of the Internet box and a second charging base serves as charging base for the 6000 handset.

I can put it all back together but it’s complicated and what I do not understand is how you can manipulate the keyboard when the handset is on its base. I rather not to do that if its not the solution.