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    I’m not sure it’d work now anyway – out of curiosity I connected the BL3500 directly to the BV8 TV via Masterlink, and although it is clearly connected (the display on the BL3500 shows ‘TV’ or ‘SAT’ and so on, depending on the TV source selected), I still get no clock, and no sound out of the BL3500.  Probably a setting I’m not getting right where the sound is concerned, but I’m guessing that if the clock were going work, it would just work.

    I would have expected the sound to work here, but again not sure if a Beovision is different compared to a Beocenter in that regard.

    I also connected my Beocenter 9000 (which does have clock and timer, unlike my Beocenter 8500) to the BL3500 via the 1611 box, and again, no clock! I’m assuming therefore that foe the clock in the BL3500 to work, it needs to be connected to a more modern B&O audio system that has Masterlink built in, such Beosound 3000.

    According to this post on the archived forum it can take some time to syncronize the clock so it might not show up instantly