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    Adding to this earlier thread, I have just bought a third 😀 BeoSound 1 advertised with a faulty CD player.  It’s silver, whereas my other two are Blue and Red, so it’s totally different!

    Anyway, this new one is SW version 2.5 which means that it is a later model and has the built-in clock and wake-up alarm function.  I hope to fix the CD player, but figured that as an alternative I could take the CD module from one of my other two players and have a fully working Sw2.5 model.

    It arrived late last week and included the PIN code (now changed).  It’s in pretty good condition and worked well apart from the CD – this would just attempt to play, spin briefly and then eject.  I tried all the CD test modes to see if that freed up the CD mechanism, but to no avail.  Time to dismantle, making full use of the Service Manual.

    CD unit removed – the hardest part was actually removing the little cover for the LED display – I realised that there are two little clips that can be released from the back when the CD is fully open:


    (Incidentally whilst open I thought I’d have a look for a backup battery so I opened up the silver cover at the base of the main PCB – no battery visible – perhaps it doesn’t have one?)

    LATE EDIT:  Whilst re-assembling I took a photo to show those two little clips that will release the little front panel – circled in red in the photo below.  They just need pushing down slightly with a flat bladed screwdriver, and then the front panel rotates outward from the bottom and unclips:


    I found two immediate faults with the CD mechanism:  Firstly the left hand pivot of the aluminium CD lowering arm had come unclipped from its pivot.  This was easy to move back into place – there is no sign of any missing circlip or whatever so I suppose someone simply dislodged it when trying to fix the CD.  Secondly, the plastic dust cover that sits on top of the laser mechanism was sitting slightly proud of the metal below, such that CDs where rubbing against it as they turned.  You can just see some residual glue that has oozed out from the circular recess – I assume that this was not original B&O hence seems to indicate that someone has attempted to fix in the past.


    I wondered if the CD rubbing on the plastic had slowed it down and prevented playing, hence removed the plastic dust cover (finding more excessive glue underneath) and re-assembled to test again:


    It still didn’t work, so I have now stripped down the complete CD mechanism.  I had hoped that the laser (posssibly working) removed from my BC2300 could be used as a replacement, or potentially I could attempt another capacitor replacement.  However, the CD module is actually a VAU1255/21LF (CD Pro2 LF) and as such the laser is incompatible and there are far more capacitors to replace if I want to go down that route, which I don’t!

    Here’s the laser – sadly the one sold by Beoparts in incompatible:


    And the PCB (for comparison, the CD board in the BC2300 only had six capacitors, hence much less daunting)


    To be honest, there’s a bit less space between the PCB and the rest of the laser mechanism on this VAU1255, so I would struggle to squeeze regular (rather than SMD) capacitors into the gap.  Also, based upon a limited internet search I think it may well be the laser rather than the capacitors that tends to fail first in the BeoSound 1 – but I may be wrong!

    So my plan is to find a replacement laser – probably from Amazon like the originator of this thread.  If anyone knows of a reliable UK supplier I’d love to know!

    To be continued …

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