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    No you didn’t mis-read – I thought I would be able to use the 1611 and the 1614, but it doesn’t really matter – that’s not why I bought the 1614 – I bought it because it came with a Masterlink cable that was worth more than they were asking for the 1614!

    Yes I’ve turned the clock off as you suggested.  The clock is no big deal really, so I don’t think I’ll bother with the Masterlink junction box, unless one comes up cheap.

    One weird thing I’ve found though.  I have the BL3500 in the same room as my system, so I have set it to option 4.

    I can use by Beo4 to control it, but there is one problem with using the Tape 2 input, which I use a lot, because my streamer is connected to Tape2.

    Because the Beo4 does not have a dedicated A>TAPE2 or LINK button and both have to be selected via the LIST button, I don’t seem to be able to select Tape2 directly for the BL3500.  I’ve tried LIST>LINK then LIST>A.TAPE2, but using the LIST twice in a row doesn’t seem to work – it just turns my Beocenter onto Tape 2, playing on the main speakers instead of the Beolab 3500.

    The only way around it I have found is to use LIST>LINK then select any other input which has a dedicated button (such as CD), then switch to A.TAPE2, then mute the Beocenter, in order to get sound only from the BL3500.  This means I can’t adjust the volume on the BL3500 while on Tape2 without switching to another input like CD, adjusting the volume, then switching the source back to Tape 2 and then muting the Beocenter again.  quite long winded!  If anyone shas come across a way around this then do let me know.

    I do have a Beolink 1000 too, and that does work – LINK>SHIFT>A TAPE selects the Tape2 input on the Beolab 3500, and then also allows me to control the volume on it.  Shame the Beo4 can’t seem to do the same.