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    Picked up the Beolabs today – turned out a better deal than I thought; it’s two BL3500s as expected but also TWO BL2000s – the eBay listing indicated that it was only ONE BL2000.  That’s made my mind up then – I’m keeping a BL2000 too, I’ll find somewhere for it…

    Both of the BL3500s are Version 1 (serial begins 14…), with software version 2.0.  I’ve tested all four, and they sound fine, but I’ll have a look inside and check the drivers. They are in great cosmetic condition – one small mark on the centre grille on one of the BL3500s but apart from that, no marks.  Both BL3500s have the rear cowls, and one of them even included the wall mount, which I wasn’t expecting as the seller said none were included (that’ll save me £30).

    I’m having some work done in the room before I mount the best of the two on the wall, but I have checked the setup – I have my BL6000s connected directly to my BC8500 as the main speakers, my BV CX50s connected via an MCL2A (soon to be upgraded to an MCL2AV and an MCL2P,), and now the BL3500 connected via the A.Aux and the 1611 converter.  I like that I can decide any combination of which speakers are playing.

    The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the clock on the BL3500 – I hadn’t realised it will only display the time if connected to a system that has a timer, which my BC8500 doesn’t have.  Not a major issue by any means but a bit of a shame it’s clock could not be independently set.  I’ve just ordered a Beolink converter 1614 off eBay because it was going cheap for less than£20 and included both the power cable and a Masterlink cable, so I’ll use that to connect my BV8-40 TV to the system, and maybe then, the BL3500 can get the time from the TV?  No big deal if it can’t, but it’d be nice if it did.

    I paid £90 for the lot, plus a 2 hour round trip to pick them up.  Proper bargain, that.  In the English countryside too so I even got a nice drive out of it.