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    The material is particleboard – just like they used to use to make flat pack furniture in the 80s (and sometimes still do) before things moved more to MDF.  The top and bottom edges however are lined with an aluminium strip.  They are reversible, the other side is off-white, but on mine, the white side is quite discoloured with age.

    Yes, I like your idea about the glass shelf – it would seem more secure.  I might look into that.  Because of the way the underside of the BG8500 is shaped, the shelf would need to be quite shallow in order to remain invisible, but that is possible.

    The stand for the Form1 was verify cheap on eBay.  It took a while to arrive (from China) but it does fit the Form1 very well – find it here.  The photo on eBay makes it look thicker and more substantial than it actually is, but it does the job well enough.