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Home Forums Product Discussion & Questions BeoLab Beolab 8000 Not going in to Standby? Reply To: Beolab 8000 Not going in to Standby?

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    Hi Robbie,

    I also have this issue with one of my 8000 speakers, it’s always active which makes it very annoying to always switch it off and on at the mains power.

    I also cleaned all PCB’s and the column, installed new dampening material and no difference.

    I had a feeling it might be PCB 06 Standby that was playing up so I even have redone the solder on that board with no success, capacitors and diodes seem fine.

    Does anyone know where the problem might be? I’m a beginner at diagnosing and reading circuits. I am curious what part is responsible for the standby. I know when power link is not active it automatically shuts down and line usually turns off within a designated amount of time if no signal is active.

    Any clues would be much appreciated. It’s the only thing wrong with this set of speakers and it is driving me crazy every time I work on it!