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I dont think either have a slot / space for an Apple TV.

Unless you’re wall mounting though, it should be pretty easy to attach one to the back of either.

When it comes to the Horizon and its OS – the Android OS is one thing (early version, not good), but the general TV OS (there is a B&O non Android part for settings etc)wasnt stable. That may have become better (owners may help out with responses), but the Android OS won’t get any updates really.

The Horizon OS has s (&O) section for settings / setup etc, but mainly what you see is Android OS (some dont mind it, I found it not great).  With the Contour, you will see pretty much the LG webOS, which is such better than the Android OS.

There is no B&O based OS anymore on their Beovisions.

Personally I’d steer well clear of the Horizon – the LCD screen in it is god awful. The Horizon only really has a slightly nicer design (than the Contour) in its favour. Unfortunately, its also only a standalone unit (no additional speakers) and is way too expensive for what it is.