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Yes, I’m still using one, too. I don’t even think of the possibility to sell it.

Keep in mind that the Beosound 9000 is a delicate piece of equipment! It’s like an oldtimer that needs care from time to time and there are no more spare parts available from B&O according to information of my dealer in 2020. So if you want one, you better buy a serviced one with warranty from a B&O dealer.

I’ve just installed a Beosound 9000 onto a wall in our new house’s living room.
It’s nice to touch and doesn’t feel cheap, it’s beautiful but not too flashy and yes, especially in the evening it looks some kind of calm and “technically cozy” when the lights are on and the disc is spinning.
I guess that’s what the vinyl enjoy when they’re listening with their turntables watching the record spinning.

If you listen to many CDs it’s not the most comfortable CD player as changing the discs is not as easy as on standard tray loaded or slot-in CD players (depending on the chosen mounting option of a BS 9000).

Hundreds of CDs in the house and the BS 9000 plays music burned to CDs from online sources like Beatport, Soundcloud etc. where (unfortunately) pure digital downloads are dominating.
The BS 9000 is not the main source of music in the house but one of the lovely ones I love to keep maintained and serviced.