Reply To: Beosound 9000 – wise in 2022?

    • Paris France

    To add to the perfect answer from Pepps:

    Beosound 9000 – wise in 2022?


    How many still use a BS9000?

    At least one, me and I know I’m not alone.

    Why do you still hold your BS9000 in an era of streaming?

    Because you have to stream to “something” and in my case, the Beosound 9000. And obviously because ut’s beautiful.

    Has your use of the BS9000 changed over the years since streaming came more on the scene?

    I got mine after the streaming came.

    Do you still love the looks of the BS9000 or has your appreciation faded in the era of mobile devices and does it look odd in a modern living room in post-CD era?

    Not at all, still beautiful piece that fit any tasty interior from classic to modern.

    I know it’s little bit of too much: Beosound plus Beolab plus Airplay receiver just to receive a simple stream and it is 80% of my use. But sometimes I’m happy to have a standalone music system for radio or CD. And listening to CD’s in random mode with the BS9000 is truly something.

    If you are after one, be sure to read all the threads on this system in the old forums: plenty of information you need to know to choose wisely.