Reply To: Beosound 9000 – wise in 2022?

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Hello there,

I don’t own a BS9000 but for what it’s worth here’s my opinion.

BS9000 is a show piece. Especially in low light. Its movement is fast and precise, like nothing else available to buy. It’s stunning.

I think this system has a place in anyone’s life if they enjoy the B&O way.

I record my favourite playlists from Spotify on to audio tape 😄 Just so I get the pleasure of using my Beocord 3500 to play the mix back. At night I just love the majestic lid movement and those fab LED lights dancing up and down.

I would imagine BS9000 users rip their playlists to cd, load up their Beosystem and enjoy that glorious movement on a shuffle play setting.

Is any cd player relevant today? Yes, if you love the act (and art, in this case) of playing a cd and taking the case back to your favourite listening chair to read the inlay card.

And of course, when the router fails or the ISP has a breakdown, you still have access to your favourite music.