Reply To: Beolab 4000 – Taugen die was? Vergleich mit Beolab 6000 etc..

    • Paris France

    Und wie siehst du die 8000er im Vergleich zu den 4000ern?

    I reply in English since I don’t speaker German (and I regret that!) and had to rely on that evil google trad. Anyway.

    Just my two pfennigs: I have BL4000 MK1 and 8000’s MK1 phase 2 (woofers in parallels).

    So far, the 4000’s wins, deep bass, clear meds, brilliant highs. “My” experience with the 8000’s (I repeat: MK1 phase 2 (woofers in parallels)) is disappointing: muddy meds, not that deep bass, average global sound.


    I’ve replaced the foam inside for better ones (mandatory as the originals will sooner or later make the speaker fail). Didn’t make a point by point comparison since then, but the 8000’s seems to sound a little better (lots of threads says ‘day and night’ but I personally didn’t experience this).

    As one member pointed out, and this is what I think when you speak about B&O, there is a compromise on sound, placement, look, and obviously use. Speakers for TV are not the same as speaker for music (main) or music (background). Personally, I’ve never find any elegant solution to use BL4000 as TV  speaker, when you just have to put 8000’s or 6000’s next to your black mirror to make it elegant and  obviously, wild sounding.

    So, in a nutshell, depending from where you start and where you want to go:

    • 4000’s: very good for music, shelf placement, or along an ouverture or any 2xxx/3xxx Audiomaster.
    • 8000’s (with care or chose MK2/not 8002 – MK2 have a bulged dust cap and not a cup one) for TV or music floor standing.
    • 6000’s for TV if you’re on a tight budget.
    • Maybe 8000’s for booth if you’re not used to whatever high end speakers you love the sound.