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Hello everyone, I recently bought a MCL2P from eBay in order to enjoy my Beosystem 2500 through a pair of Beovox 3000 (flat panel) passive speakers. On connecting (with a nice new powerlink cable from Steve @ Sounds Heavenly) the MCL2P would switch on with 2 reassuringly B&O clicks and music would flow. However, after 24 seconds (consistently so) the speakers would make a crackling sound and the music would fade away to nothing. The reset button on the front face has no effect. Only disconnecting from the mains will reset this cycle. And again, only 24 seconds of music before I hear crackle and fade to nothing. On insoection, the main PCB looks to be ok. I have freshened up only a few solder joins which were looking dull. on testing this has had no affect on the issue. Should I take out the power coils and have a look around them too? Has anyone else had similar problems with MCL2P units? I’d love to get this one going. Many thanks, Julian

Some further information: I acquired a 2nd MCL2P (this one works) and have found that the LED on the front changes to green when it’s in use. The first unit I bought which doesn’t work only shows a red LED on the front when powered on.
Does this ring any bells with anyone as to which part of the unit might have failed?