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It was like the noise of a iPhone getting too close to a AM receiver. Anyway I found a cracked solder joint on a cap and its possible I left a cap lead too long and it touched the base. Anyway I will never know for sure. I trimmed the leads and reflowed the solder and the noise is gone. Table sounds great at 33. The 45 trimmer will not get to 22k, it stops at 17.5k. That is probably why it will not lock onto 45. Anyway I am gifting this old trusty table to my son and he does not intend to play 45’s. If later he does, I will source another trimmer .Thanks for your suggestions. I never put a scope on P1. I was looking for obvious troubles and it was the cracked pad and possibly a lead touching the base. I bought this table in the 80’s. It is bringing back fond memories. I hope my son has fun with it now!