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Keith Saunders wrote: CB wrote: any way to quote a part of the message you’re answering? To only quote part of a post, just highlight the part you want then click quote. In this example I just highlighted your question only then press quote Minor bug: Simpletons like me would just click on the “QUOTE” legend and then start typing their response. But that leaves their reply in blockquote blocks too, cf. this post with its indentation and sidebars. (Note, I think this might be the result of the quoting operation leaving the text cursor at the end of the quote rather than on the next line, thus extending the current typeface etc. when the carriage return is typed? But that’s above my pay grade. Anyway, the only way I could make it work properly was to switch from “Visual” to “Text” mode and eliminate the blockquote HTML surrounding my reply.

Yes I am aware and its one of the many issues I need to get around to fixing..
You don’t need to remove the block quote, just put a carriage return after the blockquote
and the switch back to visual and type your response as I have done on my reply to you.