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Trackbeo, so can I use this as Line Out to the core? All I want to do is select Line In on the Core and then control the Beomaster stack with the Beolink 7000.

I don’t own a Core, so not sure of which pin-to-pin cable…  But solely regarding audio signals supplied and received, yes, that should work.  Using the Beolink 7000 to drive the Beosystem as an (unknown type, non-integrated) “auxiliary source” will certainly work.  But that’s what I meant about “remote control and proper Core integration” — using two remotes is fine but maybe someone with more experience has a B&O integrated solution?  For example, my understanding is that the DataLink connector for Tape2 is capable of powering up the system — that’s how the “play” button on Tape1 or CD7000 fires up the main unit.  But is there some way that the Core could trigger this?  I dunno.