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Hi Henrik,

I’m starting to figure out I’ve got some sort of Frankenstein’s Beovox:

  • Both speakers are P50, but with different serial numbers.
  • One fret has P45 badge and holes for the missing pins but the other has P50 badge and no holes in the fret.
  • Both speaker, as regular P50, have no holes in the front face.

Luckilly, both sound good enough for my ears and are closer enough in wood shade.

I’m waiting for neodyne magnet to try to keep the fret in place.

Thanks for trying the speaker link driver. Mine are not actually moving, more like “deforming” or “crushing” when you push them. As they seems to sound good or at least not weird, i’ll try to stop focusing on that question. This is where we miss you Dillen!

Thanks Henrik.